Montréal-Python 79 doesn't end after our presentation night.

For the whole month of September, we code together on free and open source software in Python. Our effort will be centered on two projects: * French translation of the official Python documentation; * Voluntaria, a Django portal to help non-profits synchronize the effort of their volunteers.

We have a wide range of tasks for both projects, ranging from easy to very advanced. We promise you a detailed overview of the tasks as well as an introduction to the mentors on the sprint opening night on Monday August 31st at 5:30pm. After the initial meeting, we stay in touch on the Montréal-Python Slack and with one sync-up meeting every Monday evening. The results of the sprint are going to be during Montréal-Python #80 (Pedal Kayak) on September 28, 2020 October 26, 2020.

Everyone is invited to contribute, no matter their skill level in Python or their mastery of the French language.

Join up on Slack (channel #hackathon):

Update: Pedal Kayak was moved to October 26, full annoucement of the event to be published soon.