Tomorrow evening is our first “Evening of Programming Exercises”.

This event is aimed toward the ones that are new to programming or new to Python. The idea is to get together in a rather informal setup, grab some code and discuss programming with the Montréal-Python community.

The event is mainly in French but questions and exchanges in English are also welcome.

So, there’s some proposed exercises… we split in groups… we code and/or discuss programming in a cool and friendly setup. Sounds good, eh?

All the details (in French) are in this doc: Montréal-Python Soirée 2021-04-27.

  • It’s from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (or whenever you can in this time slot)
  • Rendezvous point is the Montréal-Python Slack, channel #atelier
  • You’ll be guided to a Jitsi video conference room
  • You’ll be able to code directly in Colab, from the exercises’ files

Ciao, a domani!